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A time of joy and celebration, the holidays are the perfect time to get together with friends and family, have fun, and enjoy the season. Each year, though, people are injured or killed due to drunk driving. During the holidays, drunk driving increases due to more people on the road and more people deciding to...

A photo of Dalvin Gadson following the altercations with Colorado Springs police during an arrest in October 2022.  Courtesy of The Law Offices of Harry Daniels▲ Zachary Dupont zachary.dupont@gazette.com Updated 10 hrs ago   Attorneys representing a homeless veteran in Colorado Springs are calling for criminal charges to be filed against Colorado Springs police after the...


UPDATE: The Colorado Springs Police Department issued a statement regarding the case of Dalvin Gadson. “It is imperative that we look at all the facts when evaluating officer interactions with citizens,” Police Chief Adrian Vasquez said in the statement. “We will respect the on-going court process but welcome dialogue with our community when we are...


Trucking accidents happen daily, and they’re devastating to all involved. Those in smaller vehicles can be severely injured or killed in a trucking accident, leading to the need for compensation for injuries and damages. When a trucking accident occurs, working with a lawyer to seek compensation will be a good idea. The laws can be...


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